Water is Life

Recently my thoughts spin a lot around the topic water and its importance to our lives and our planet. This sacred liquid is certainly the primary source of all live on our planet. Whilst 71% of our earth's surface is water, the human body consists of 80% fluid. That by itself is quite a profound fact, to realise we are mostly made out of water.

water crystal good intention.jpg

Have you heard about the most widely known scientific researches from Japan, where water was exposed to good intention, prayer and love as well as hate, negative and destructive thoughts. The positively infused water formed the most beautiful and perfect crystals when frozen, whereas the hate infused water created a chaotic structure. JUST THOUGHT YOU ASK??? YES! Only the power of human thought and intention has hugely influenced the structure of water.

So if you thing this is a lot of esoteric humbug or airy fairy nonsense I urge you to google about the countless scientific projects that have been made about this theme and you may be surprised!

——- Water reacts to your thoughts ——-

self love

So what does this mean for us? Becoming aware of the power of our intention is HUGE and we may have to observe the thoughts we have every moment of the day. Becoming more MINDFUL. How do you think the water in your body is influenced if you keep telling yourself you are ugly, too fat, not clever enough, not good enough and so on…. most likely the structure of the fluid inside of you will react. Same as when you change those statements for something like “I love you. You are wonderful. You are enough. You are creative and radiant.” Louise Hay has been a huge advocate for mirror work where you tell yourself positive things about yourself every day. Very awkward if this is new for us, however any one that has tried this will tell you the incredible effects this had on their lives. More self worth, more “shine”, more being noticed by other people … the list goes on.

——- Everything is connected ———-

If you are like me and believe that all and everything in the universe is connected and influenced by each other, it raises the question: What does that mean for the waters of our planet? Surely the oceans and rivers of our earth have never been more polluted by humans than today. Greed, selfishness and egoism sadly had the result that our planet has to suffer.

water blessing

I think as long as there are impurities in the human systems and minds, there will be impurities in the waters of our earth. We are at an alarming point in time. As well as taking outer action, purifying ourselves will raise the collective consciousness. Giving thanks and blessing the water we drink, we shower with, we clean and cook with will infuse the fluid with good energy. The more people will practice this, the more our planet can heal. Step by Step. Day by Day. Please bless your water!

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Blessing to you.


Carina xxx