Pure Water - Flow Yoga and Creative activation Retreat

10 - 16 January  

bali yoga retreat

The island of gods. The land of 1000 temples. Bali. Magical, mystical wondrous land of the east. 

Peace, tranquility and only the sound of flowing water from the river. Expect nothing but serenity in this outstanding yoga experience not far from the well known cultural hub Ubud.

Awaken your creative potential an re discover your sensual side through yoga asana, chanting, creative movement and meditation.

Water as life source. Learn how to energize drinking water, purify the water inside your body and therefore raising awareness of the state of this primary life source on our planet. You will receive a traditional Balinese water blessing in one of the most sacred temples in the area.

Stay in a luxury boutique resort just minutes away from the colourful town Ubud featuring stunning Indonesian architecture with views over rice fields and a non toxic ozone filtered swimming pool.

Dive deep into meditation and yoga practice and get energised every morning on the platform overlooking the river and unwind and relax and restore in the evenings with a soft practice.

Explore the 'real' Bali on eco friendly E-bikes. Visit authentic Balinese homes, cycle pass numerous rice fields and enjoy being one with nature.

Nourish your body with home cooked, organic meals throughout the day, sample the abundance of fresh fruit and feel light and healthy with authentic Indonesian cuisine. 


Fast facts

  • 1h Balinese full body massage

  • daily meditation practice

  • 24h concierge

  • ozone filtered swimming pool (no chlorine)

  • visit to sacred water temple

  • flower mandalas

  • creative force activation

  • time to relaxer explore Ubud (only 7 mins away)

  • fun times and new friendships

What's included

  • 6 nights accommodation at luxury Boutique resort Naya Ubud

  • vegetarian full board

  • water & balinese coffee without limit

  • daily maid service

  • 12 yoga classes & workshops to expand consciousness

  • tantric teachings

  • purification techniques

  • water blessing

  • fire ceremony

  • e-bike tour to explore the countryside


The Experience

Pure Water. Bali is known for its thousands of temples, soft landscapes, friendly smiles and for a culture that honours water as sacred. In this retreat you will deeply connect to this vital source of life and activate your water element in your body and your energy system. The state of the waters on our planet is at a critical point… maybe a reflection of the pollution of the human minds and inner states? Becoming aware of the importance of this primary source for all of life, you will learn how to energise and bless the water you drink, how to purify your physical systems (80% body weight is water) and how intention can change the molecular consistence of water. For some inspiration click here to watch a short film for free about the sacredness of water.

The second chakra is connected to the element of water and expresses through creativity and sensuality. Through daily practice you will feel how your inspiration and your creative potential are activated and start to flow again!

During this retreat you will lern about Tantra. Often Tantra is believed to be very connected to sex and certain sexual practices. However this has become a very distorted understanding of the meaning of Tantra. If we look at the origins of Tantra we will find that it is the teaching of ONENESS. Once we realise that we are made of the same stuff as the trees, the cosmos, the air… and all that surrounds us… is that is when we truly awaken. In this week we will tap into this experience and ancient teachings of Tantra.


Listen to the gentle sound of the river as you join your palms together for your first morning Namaste. Nestled into the stunning natural surroundings just outside the cultural hub Ubud you can let your body, mind and spirit unwind and find rest and rejuvenation.  

Begin each morning turning your awareness inwards through meditation, chanting and asana practice on a stunning wooden yoga deck with view to the river. Learn how to move your body in new and sensual ways to release blockages, fears and create space for more freedom, confidence and self LOVE.

Take some time to yourself down by the river, relax or meditate on the deck, listen the peaceful sounds of the birds and get inspired by the beauty of Saraswati, the goddess of music, arts and knowledge. 

In the afternoons you can enjoy a swim in the Ozone filtered pool, which contains 90% less chlorine than most standard swimming pools. On one afternoon we will take an excursion on eco friendly E-bikes to explore the 'real Bali'. Cycle through stunning scenery, pass rice fields and ancient, mesmerising temples. The highlight will be to visit the sacred water temple close to our retreat home... with luck we may even receive a traditional water blessing <3 

Get nourished from the inside out by the in house chefs of Naya. Organic. Fresh. Tasty. Colourful. You will enjoy 3 delicious vegetarian meals every day cooked for you freshly, using only carefully selected ingredients to support the physical, emotional and spiritual process induced by your yoga practice. 

To additionally enhance your cleansing process you will have access to filtered water 24 hours a day. 

In this retreat you will re connect to your creative power, explore your sensuality, purify body, mind and spirit, feel the warm and welcoming embrace of a culture with a history of thousands of years and have a great time with a small group of like minded people from all over the world.


(*Svadishtana chakra: Chakra is Sanskrit for 'wheel' and you can find tons of information about the chakra system on the internet).



The unique and stunning Naya resort features Indonesian architecture, modern amenities and luxurious comfort, forming a tranquil world of your fantasies. It is nestled in plush tropical gardens, perched by a river and surrounded by lovely rice fields. Each of the rooms are integrated with this beautiful landscape, maintaining a harmony with the natural environment, embracing guests with a welcoming, therapeutic and peaceful energy. Naya has a total of 6 luxurious bedrooms, with options for single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy.

It is only 7 mins away by taxi from the colourful city Ubud, which has drawn travellers, artists, yogis and spiritual seekers for years. 

Rooms & Rates 

Shakti Shala

The Shakti Shala is Naya's latest addition for experiencing beauty and comfort in a lush setting. As you walk into Shakti, which means "creative energy" you immediately feel the peace, magic and harmony as you are surrounded by spectacular panoramic views of the river deck, bamboo forest, Saraswati goddess and gardens below. 

standalone, glass house inspired room, with an open air en-suite bathroom.

Bed Type: 2 Queen Beds

Occupancy: 1 - 2 people

Air Conditioning & Fan, Mineral Water, Rainfall Shower, In-Room Safe, Wifi

Price:  - 2 people: €1.380,-- / $ 1.540,-- p.p. 

          - 1 person: € 1.595,-- / $ 1.780,--


The lower suite of the Lumbung building on our property, is a cozy twin room with a private garden area and en-suite bathroom.The high teak ceilings and large windows bring in a warm, beautiful light.The windows open to a private, enclosed garden area. Surrounded by lush, lovely tropical flora guests enjoy absolute privacy in this secret hideaway.

Bed Type: 2 Twin Beds

Occupancy: 1 - 2 people

Air Conditioning & Fan, Mineral Water, Private Outdoor Seating Area, Rainfall Shower, In-Room Safe, Wifi


Price: SOLD OUT!


This is the upper suite of the Lumbung villa. Prem feels like a cozy, romantic and luxurious tree house with high thatched ceilings constructed by local ar tisans.

Bed Type: 1 Queen Bed

Occupancy: 1 – 2 people

Air Conditioning & Fans, Mosquito Net, Mineral Water, Desk, Jungle Forest Views, Private Balcony, Spacious Bathroom, Rainfall Shower, In-Room Safe, Wifi


Price: SOLD OUT!


Inspired by Javanese architecture, Amrita is in what the Indonesians call a "Gladak," a loft-style, teak cottage. Perched up in the tropical jungle, this is a Balinese home away from home.
Bed Type: 2 Queen Beds x 1 single bed

Occupancy: 1 – 4 people

Air Conditioning & Fans, Mosquito Net, Mineral Water, Desk, Jungle Forest Views, Private Balcony, Spacious Shared Bathroom, Rainfall Shower, In-Room Safe, Wifi


Price:  - 4 people: €1.165,-- / $1.300,-- p.p.

          - 3 people: € 1.272,-- / $1.420,-- p.p.

          - 2 people: € 1.487,-- / $1.660,-- p.p.

          - 1 person: €1.864 / $ 2.080,--


Unwind and recline in this modern triple room lofted above the jungle. The expansive private balcony is perfect for private yoga sessions and looks out onto the nearby river, as well as Ubud's trademark rice paddies. It's simply a taste of Heaven!

Bed Type: 3 single beds

Occupancy: 1-3 pax

Air conditioning, mosquito nets, mineral water, jungle forest and rice paddie views, private balcony, spacious shared bathroom, rainfall shower, in-room safe, Wifi


Price:     - 3 people:  €1.272,-- / $1.420,-- p.p. 

             - 2 people:  € 1.487,-- / $ 1.660,-- p.p.

             - 1 person: €1.864 / $ 2.080,--


Ground yourself and feel at home in this modern apartment. With high ceilings, a private terrace and a full kitchen, guests have everything they need; Earth is simply where you want to be!

Bed Type: 3 single beds x 1 king bed

Occupancy: 1-4 pax

Master bedroom, Full size kitchen, Air conditioning, Mosquito nets, Mineral water, Desk, Jungle forest view, Private patio, Spacious shared bathroom, Rainfall shower, In-room safe, Wifi

Price:      - 4 people: € 1.165,-- / $ 1.300,-- p.p. 

               - 3 people: €1.272,-- / $ 1.420,-- p.p.

               - 2 people: € 1.487,-- / $ 1.660,-- p.p.

               - 1 person: €1.864 / $ 2.080,--

travel preparation & how to get there

to ubud

Get a flight to Denpansar, Bali international airport

By Taxi: Enter the main arrivals hall, where your diver will be waiting for you if you have booked one. If you haven’t, walk out of the main entrance and turn right, and you’ll see lots of taxi drivers in colorful blue shirts. That’s where you’ll see the official taxi office. The trip to Ubud should be around 300,000 IDR ($27) maximum. It’s about an hour’s drive from the airport to Ubud. Make sure you have your hotel address and phone number with you.

Most guesthouses offer a cheaper pick up from the airport so if you are staying in Ubud for a few nights before the retreat starts, I recommend asking your hosts.

To Naya ubud

Driving along Jalan Raya Sayan, turn at Puskesmas Ubud II, a government health clinic. This route is also known to locals as Jalan Kadewatan 1. Once you see a traditional Balinese temple, stay on the right, and continue straight. The end of the road leads down to a small concrete bridge that crosses a small irrigation canal. Go down the slope, take a right hand turn and follow the rice fields until you see a sign on Naya’s property, which will be on your left.

It is recommended that as you travel to Naya that you have your driver or transport contact:

Office: +62 (0) 361 975 775

Naya Ubud

Jalan Raya Sayan, Gang Puskesmas Ubud II

Banjar Kutuh, Desa Sayan, Ubud 80571

Bali, Indonesia



After you leave the plane and enter the arrivals area, you’ll see the visa on arrivals booths straight in front of you. The cost is $25, or the equivalent in another currency. They only take cash, so make sure you have enough on you. You’ll need to hand in your landing form as well, so also make sure that you’ve filled it in. Hand over the cash and landing form, and you’ll be given a visa on arrival receipt. Once you have your receipt, you need to head for the immigration desks, and they’ll issue you with your visa on arrival, which allows you to stay for 30 days.